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“Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet” by Angeles Arrien

Thirty years ago, I began doing workshops that I titled “Walking the Mystical Path With Practical Feet”, as a way to address the illusion many of us have, that the internal and external worlds can only be lived or experienced separately. It was my hope, as it is now years later, that we can dissolve the artificial splits or separations that we have created between work and family; personal and professional; mind and heart; body and spirit; internal and external, just to name a few of the primary dualities. This article attempts to address the universal processes or life experiences which drive us toward wholeness of being (our natural state); and offers us ways we can hold paradoxes, rather than move into isolation, polarity, or separation, when we face changes or transitions in our lives.
Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet

“Seeing Ourselves and Each Other: Mirrors and Projections” by Angeles Arrien

Many indigenous cultures sew small pieces of reflective glass or mirrors into ceremonial costumes or glue them onto masks to remind us that we are mirrors for each other. The motif of the mirror, as a metaphor of reflection, is found cross-culturally. These societies believe that each person can be either a clear mirror, a smoking mirror, or a split mirror. Clear mirrors are individuals who we idealize or believe that we cannot be like; smoking mirrors are individuals with whom we have difficulty and hope we are not like them in any way; and split mirrors are people who we like and admire, yet we experience fear or constriction in their presence. The psychological term for these diverse kinds of mirrors is projection. We know a projection is at work when there is an energetic charge. Projections are unclaimed self- perceptions. Projections are parts of ourselves that are on their way home, yet are still disowned. We find it more comfortable to have these aspects outside ourselves, rather than to embrace them as a part of who we are. Seeing Ourselves and Each Other: Mirrors and Projections

“Introduction to Working Together” by Angeles Arrien

What are the ways that we can benefit from the creative potency that diversity offers today? How can we create openings to foster different decision-making processes and communication skills to develop enough common ground and mutual acceptance to collaboratively work together and complete a task? This article is from an edited anthology, and is an attempt to bring together some methods, skills, stories, and resources that foster collaboration and synergetic results for the common good of all concerned.
Working Together

“The Practice of Gratitude” with Angeles Arrien

Interview from Sounds True Publisher’s : Insights at the Edge.

Tami Simon creater of Sounds True Publishers, speaks with Angeles Arrien about her teachings, focusing on the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and comparative religion, humanity’s shared beliefs and values, along with ways to incorporate this wisdom into our modern lives. With Sounds True, she has created the programs The Second Half of Life (book and CD’s), and Gathering Medicine (CD’s); and most recently Gratitude (CD’s) and Living in Gratitude (book released Nov. 2011). Angeles speaks about the importance of having a gratitude practice, and the exciting adventure of what Angeles describes as the “third act of our lives.” (51 minutes).

The Practice of Gratitude

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