Non-Profit Foundation

The Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education & Research

A nonprofit foundation supporting effective leadership, environmental understanding, and multi-cultural bridging and collaborative efforts, was created in 1996 to support four identified target areas nationally and internationally.

  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Supports ceremonial space, creative arts, education, healing arts, language and oral tradition, and environment.
  • Multi-Cultural Bridging and Collaborative Efforts: Supports projects between countries, generations, professions, and faiths.
  • Elder Support: Honors elders as invaluable mentors and wisdom-keepers; supports dissemination of perennial wisdoms.
  • Youth Support: Fosters the development of emerging leaders; educational opportunities; character development; and peace practices

We are grateful for the many generous donations that we have received over fifteen years, which has allowed us to reach out to people in 32 countries. We could not have achieved the level of outreach and success without the consistent generosity that we have received from you and other grant-making organizations. We are honored to have assisted the sustainability and generativity of the projects and organizations (listed in our yearly newsletters).

  • Currently supporting varied community forums that engage intergenerational dialogue, and educate local and national citizens in how to be more effective in utilizing communication, conflict and mediation skills in diverse situations.
  • Continue to provide unsolicited awards and grants to outstanding individuals doing significant bridging work nationally and internationally.

We are very grateful for all your support, goodwill, and generosity in helping us all make a difference in creating a livable and sustainable world for our future generations.
With deep gratitude,


We are deeply grateful

…to all of you who have so generously supported our Foundation’s work and projects through your donations. We especially extend our heartfelt gratitude to our anonymous donors as well as to:

  • The Flow Fund
  • The Maxfield Foundation
  • The Steiner Foundation
  • The Michael Elorriaga Fund
  • The Philanthropic Collaborative
  • The Kalliopeia Foundation
  • The Tara Foundation

In Memory of the Ancestors

We provide annual educational scholarships for programs which have been established in memory of ancestors:

  • The Lady Vera Scholarship Fund
  • The Debra Nothstine Fund
  • The Dolphin Fund
  • The Michael Elorriaga Fund
  • The Paul and Lou Jean Martens Fund
  • The Robbert Van Santen Fund